HOUSE OBSESSION HAS MOVED!! This time to a new web address!

Instead of moving houses (or apartments), this time I’ve moved to from to a self-hosted wordpress blog. So change your feed and come find me there. Also, the look and feel is different which makes me HAPPY!! So much so that I think I’ll end up posting a lot more now.

In case you missed it, WWW.HOUSEOBSESSION.COM. Come visit me NOW! :-)

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under construction*

Hey guys,
In case you see anything funny such as the blog going down altogether or missing posts it’s because I’m trying to transfer this ole blog to a different domain with an updated design. Hopefully to show off sometime soon.


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One day, I dream of a little tiny modern house in the woods…

Nick and I often daydream about our little cabin in the woods that we’d love to own someday.  I’m not sure how this obsession started necessarily, but it grew over time with vacations to places like Eagles Mere, PA; Jackson Hole, WY; Maine; Hudson, NY;  and Bear Mountain.  The little modern pre-fab that we want to build has yet to be fully fleshed out in terms of what it we’d like to build or even where we’d like to build it.  But I know that one day…we’ll figure out the how, when, and budget.  This nebulous style of cabin that we’d like to live in is what I loosely refer to the style as “modern rustic.”  I am telling you all this because today I found some beautiful inspiration of what may be close to perfect.

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Source: via Leah on Pinterest


Isn’t this little cabin to die for?! I mean, we’d probably need to modify a few things. Such as where is the bathroom? I’d want a real fireplace vs a wood-burning stove, and perhaps a slightly larger kitchen and deck. But otherwise, I love it’s tiny footprint. It remindds me of another one of my favorite little houses, the Shot Trot via Hometta.  This one is designed for warmer climates, but again…perhaps could be modified for mountain retreats.

Source: via Leah on Pinterest


Does anyone have any other inspiration that you’d like to shared? I’m sure that I’ll be collecting images of my dream modern/rustic cabin for quite a long time before we’ll ever get to build one! :-)

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Upholstery Project Update + Living Room Mood Board

After a lot of searching, I finally settled on a fabric for the upholstery project.  It’s a pattern called “Wired” by Studio Bon.  Here’s a pic of it.  It’s the scarlett color way on a linen ground.

And here’s a mood board showing how the living room will come together once it’s all complete.

It’s a mix of American navy meets world traveler.  I guess that’s the only way I can describe it.  Funny enough, that’s actually the look we were working into.  Nick just brought back that vintage Russian naval flag from his trip to St. Petersburg, and we got the model ship a few weeks ago at a favorite consignment store.  If you can believe it, it all started with the vintage plaid wool blanket (on the lower left).  I found it at the Brooklyn flea several months ago, and decided that it should be the basis of the new living room design.  It coordinated perfectly with the Indian wool patchwork Kantha I’ve had for several years, an old purchase from Anthropologie.  Then this morning, as I was digging through some old inspiration imagery, I found the image below.  (Not sure who to credit it to.  It’s been sitting on my hard drive for several years now.  So let me know in the comments if you know where it came from.)

It’s maybe a little more Ralph Lauren than I would normally ascribe to our aesthetic, but it has elements here that I realize we’ve incorporated into our decorating over the years.  Such as the antlers.

Anyways…have a great day!  I’m so glad to finally have settled on a fabric.  Now I can see the whole plan coming together at last.

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Way to show your Brooklyn pride

Some people buy a t-shirt.  Others…build a mini-replica of the Brooklyn Bridge as a garden fence to enclose their tree on the sidewalk.  I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to actually meet this person.  I’ll bet they’re either realllly cool…or at the very least have verrry entertaining stories.

Also note the attention to detail.  One side has a Manhattan skyscraper skyline, and the other side is rowhouses!!

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First re-upholstery project: There’s a first time for everything…

I’ve always wanted to learn how to re-upholster furniture.  It all started with a sofa that we had when I was a kid that was super(!) comfy, but so ugly you wouldn’t believe.  (As a side note, she tried reupholstering it years later and actually managed to make it even uglier.  It was later relegated to being the “dog sofa,” and just thinking about it makes me sad.)  Nevertheless, an obsession with upholstery was born!

Flash forward 25+ years, and you find the adult Leah learning how to do just that thanks to 3rd Ward in Williamsburg.  This is my first project:

I found this mid-century beauty on the street in Philadelphia about 5 years ago tossed out with someone’s garbage.  It was perfect except for a big rip in the seat, and so I towed it home with me.  I knew that one day I’d redo that vinyl upholstery with something better.  Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

So starting on Saturday, I began the process of deconstruction.  This is what it looked like after I got the back panel off.  The back was basically a piece of cardboard covered with vinyl tacked on with upholstery tacks.

Then I took off the bottom panel.  There were several layers of fabric to get through here funny enough, and one of the great things I found inside was a stamp dating the chair to Oct 1959.  (Pretty cool!)  The springs are serious heavy duty with metal attachments like the kind you have in a mattress…not the normal 8-way hand-tied springs in most upholstery.  (This chair is meant to last forever!)

So this is the chair fully deconstructed.  The legs & arms were attached via two bolts and six flat-head screws.  Less than what I would have thought, but very easy to disassemble once the fabric was off and the frame was exposed.  (The frame is oak I believe by the way which is also interesting…for those other furniture nerds out there.)  The seat springs were covered with a horsehair “cushion” for lack of a better word (which I plan to re-use since it’s perfectly fine…but I will be augmenting it with new foam and batting).  I did keep all the cotton batting too “just in case.”  Also, I plan on re-finishing the arms/legs since the old polyurethane is worn off and looking ratty.

Now the big question is what do I put on it?  I’m debating between several at the moment.  I love those thick wool fabrics in both solid colors and blanket squares too.  Then I’ve found a couple more that are interesting, but nothing concrete yet.  Any suggestions?  Someone suggested leather…but possibly too difficult for my first round of upholstery.  (?!?)

p.s. if you haven’t looked into 3rd ward, i highly suggest it.  They have awesome classes on almost everything.

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Loving Linus…

…and no, not the one with the blanket.  The one with two wheels.  Last weekend, I got a new bike, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It’s a Linus Dutchie 3.  After a trip to Denmark several years ago, I’ve been in love with this style commuter bike.  Wearing a skirt and sandals + biking = WINNING!

I also love that this is the view when I’m commuting to work each morning!

Life is good!!  For those of you that are actually looking for an actual review, I’ll give you one after the jump… (more…)

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