Conceptual artist: Leandro Erlich

Thanks to Booooom for introducing me to conceptual artist Leandro Erlich.  For people interested in interior spaces, I think you’ll find his work very cool (and worth the click-thru).

Window & Ladder

House Carousel


I’m not gonna lie. I kinda like these kitschy plates.

This Etsy seller (BeatUpCreations) takes antique china and serveware and updates them from Granny to modern-day hipster wall art.  This would make a cute (and inexpensive) wall decor statement.  Fun for a small bathroom, hallway, or adding to a larger collection of art for a bit of humor.  My favorite is this one of R2-D2.

See more whimsical pieces (including a zombie family portrait) at her Etsy shop HERE.

For the love of Deyrolle

About 5 years ago I had the joy of visiting Paris.  On that very brief visit, I was told that I MUST stop in to see Deyrolle while I was there.  For those of you that have never visited, it’s a natural science “Cabinet of Curiosities” shop started in 1831 that is filled to the brim with taxidermy, etymological specimens, shells and coral, beautiful instructional charts, classrooms, etc…and all displayed with a nod to whimsy.  (This is evident from the first moment you look in the window and see an antelope dressed in gardening clothes.)  Unfortunately, I had other appointments to attend to while I was there, but I literally could have stayed in Deyrolle for the entire day.  It left me feeling sad to leave because I wanted to explore every nook and cranny of this incredible place, and felt as if I’d only scratched the surface.

Fast forward a few years, and I heard that Deyrolle had experienced a terrible fire and most of it had burned.  Thankfully the owners and volunteers were able to save a great number of specimens…and today the shop has been rebuilt.

In 2009 Assouline Publishing released a book of photographs by Laurent Bochet called 1000 degrees Celsius that captured the remains of what happened after the fire.  It’s a captivating book that I would recommend to anyone who loves animals and the spirit of survival.  The portraits section at the end is my favorite part for it’s vitality against the blackened walls of the shop.  It features volunteers posing with specimens that survived the fire from Deyrolle.  My favorite quote from that section is, “Amid all this carbon, they [the specimens] had never looked as much like survivors.  We gathered them together so that they could rub each other, nuzzle each other – a kiss.”

See more photos from Laurent Bochet’s 1000 degrees Celsius after the jump. Continue reading “For the love of Deyrolle”

New Artist Series from Book City Jackets

My friend Nishat that I’ve posted about before, is featured in Book City Jackets’ new Artists Edition No. 2 along with Cheeming Boey and Michael Hsiung. BCJ’s mission is to make every book beautiful by creating unique book covers printed on recycled kraft paper. Pretty nifty, right? It reminds me of when I used to do that in middle school…except mine was covered in horrible doodling rather than beautiful art. They’re available at Book City Jackets [dot] com.



365 Messages of Love

It’s wonderful being surrounded by creativity each day.   And I can truly say that one of my favorite creative / talented individuals is my friend Nishat Akhtar.  In the process of trying to work on my own wedding invitations, I love stopping by to see what Nishat is up to…and this little something just made me smile so much that I felt compelled to share it with the rest of you.

She created this daily love note box for her newlywed friends.  It was inspired by old slide & specimen containers.  The box contains 365 tiny envelopes, each containing a note about love, excitement, or adventure, one for every day for their first year of marriage!  How amazing is that?!  I absolutely love it.  How much would you love to have one of these for yourself?

See more about Nishat and her talent here.

Patrick Dougherty’s newest sculpture at the Morris Arboretum

Last week while doing some work at the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill, Philadephia I got to see Patrick Dougherty at work setting up his new installation.  It’s basically a cocoon-like abstract sculpture made of twigs and sapling branches.   It makes me think of hobbits & gnomes!!  Anyways…check out his work at  I would love to see more of his work in person because they look absolutely fabulous…and of course, this one is jaw-dropping in person.  If you get a chance, you should definitely stop by the arboretum and check it out!!

Meanwhile, it kind of reminds me of the treehouses that the Junior Society is currently featuring on their site.  Head over there and check those out too!!   Here’s a taste of their stuff.  They have FOUR different features so…do your due dilligence!

photo via Junior Society

Who says places like Brooklyn get to have all the fun?

Philadelphia’s art scene is always buzzing with something new, and on May 16th the NKCDC will be hosting it’s 3rd Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.   Go to their website to enter, see previous derbies or become a derby sponsor.   If you don’t live in Philadelphia, it makes you want to move here, doesn’t it?  (I knew it would.)