White slipcover + black dog =

Our white bedding doesn’t look this way, so I’m not sure why the sofa is so much worse.  And yes, the joys of having a slipcover is that you can wash it, but I can’t wash the thing every day!  Sheesh.  Maybe I should just shave the dog?


5 thoughts on “White slipcover + black dog =

  1. I have the same problem with our two terriers and a microfiber couch. I think I may be single-handedly keeping lint roller companies in business. I also got the Shark Navigator recently as a wedding gift. The pet hair attachment is like a gift from God.

  2. My lovely black cat Toto has plenty of beds, sofas and chairs to choose for his naps, but guess which one his favourite is:yes! the white slipcovered chair in my bedroom.

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