I spy: A Colorful Kilim Rug!

(via SFGirlByBay)

It’s the same rug as the one I have in my dining room!!  Today while cruising through my bloglines feeds, I noticed this post and fell in love with all of the colorful vignettes of Tamar Schechner’s home.  Of course, I also loved the fact that we have the same Ikea Kilim rug!!  (Sadly, they no longer carry it or I’d give you a link.)  At any rate, Tamar has done such an amazing job infusing color and pattern into her home without making it seem overwhelming.   (No easy feat let me tell you!)  Her home also seems like a place where I’d love to kick off my shoes and stay awhile.  I love homes like that!  Anyways, just a few more pics from SFGirlByBay’s post after the jump.

She’s got a little Cath Kidston thing going on here, no?  I love it!  I also love this patchwork quilt. MUST HAVE!


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