Why does Christmas make you start thinking about toys?

I certainly have no reason to buy toys, but the Christmas season just makes you think of kids, no?  And recently I’ve been coming across tons of adorable & simple toys.  In this time of economic uncertainty, it feels like we should spend more time on simple things…and of course spend our money on items that are special and hand-made.   (At least that’s my theory, but what do I know?)  Anyways, here are some of my favorite toys that I’ve found recently.


Rutsu, a bear maker, based out of Japan is one of my favorites.  I aspire to one day own one of her bears.  Although at the moment, I’m not sure what I would personally do with it.  Therefore I have to figure that part out first.  Here’s her flickr set to see more of the breadth of what she’s created.  They are the type of stuffed bear I would love to have had as a child.


KitLane makes adorable felted sculpture dolls.  I just don’t quite know what to say about these other than, omg, so cute.  Here’s a link to her shop.

octopus1Angela Davidson is from Philly (Holla!), and ever since I found her on the Etsy geolocater several months ago I keep going back to look at her gorgeous toys in my favorites section.  This little squid is so freaking cute!!  Look at those teeth!  Here’s a link to her Etsy shop.


Decor8 posted about Sweet Nellie today which is how I saw her shop for the first time, but seriously…how cute could this little guy be?   Her shop has so many cuties that it’s hard to choose!

monster1Diane Koss (from Philly as well?) makes these adorable monsters.  I love them so much.  Fuzzy.  Imaginative.  Not scary at all.  Here’s her shop on Etsy.

woodenblocksC’mon people!  Look at these NEW blocks?!  They look like the coolest vintage blocks you’ve ever seen!  I want my future/unborn/adopted child to have blocks this awesome.  Love them.  You should see the other sides that aren’t letters.  Here’s a link to MyFathersHouse4 etsy shop.


Los Delingos also makes adorable toys too!  I love the mixed fabric on these little stuffed animals.  Nonos is on sale now too!

Anyways…love them all.  Too cute…and I love the imagination that goes into creating these lovelies!


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