The BIG kitchen reveal!

Well, it’s been quite a few months since I moved into the new house, and quite a bit of that time was spent obsessing over the kitchen during the renovation process. Gutting it down the bones, and building it back. Well, finally I give you the before and after photos!!



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How do you feel about hardwood floors in a kitchen?

I’ve only had limited experience with hardwood floors in a kitchen, but with the reality of an impending kitchen renovation looming I realize that I’m going to need some ideas on what to do with my new kitchen floor.  Currently it has disgusting linoleum floors…and the floors are slightly uneven so tile is not an easy option.   My friend has a source for me to get recycled pine barnwood floors at a reallllly good deal, but I wanted to get some feedback first.  Any thoughts?

hardwood floors in a kitchen

Be still my mid-century modern heart: Classic Century Dinnerware @ Crate & Barrel

I’ve never experienced anything quite like the surreal pleasure of walking around a store with a little gun and pointing it at things I like, pushing a button, and having those things magically appear on a list that I then direct people to, to buy the things on that list for me (!). This unique mixture of joy and guilt can only happen when registering for wedding gifts. Lucky for me, I worked through the guilt and general strangeness of this process just before I spied my dream everyday dinnerware at C&B:

Classic Century is Crate & Barrel’s repro of the mid-century modern Town And Country design by *the* Eva Zeisel. I’ve always been a fan of Redwing Dinnerware, and while my wallet has prevented me from collecting any Town and Country pieces, this collection very closely echoes the lines and the organic modern feel of my only, slightly less collectible but much loved, Redwing set – the 1955 Futura “Tampico” pattern.

Plus, unlike the originals, these everyday pieces are oven- and microwave-proof. Finally, timeless classics I can actually put on my dinner table, not just in the china cabinet. At $63 for a 5-piece place setting, they’re definitely not cheap, but hey, you’re buying them for me, right? Thanks!

Check ’em out here.

Architectural Salvage: 1950’s Geneva Kitchen

1950's Geneva kitchen salvageFor those of you in (or near) the Philadelphia area that love 1950’s style, there is an entire Geneva metal kitchen that has just been salvaged by Port Richmond’s Re-Store. Click HERE for more details on what all is available, including pricing.

Those of us living in Philly are lucky enough to have them as a resource to go and find architectural house parts. I love to go and browse. So far I’ve only managed to get some hardware and my bathroom mirror from them, but I have goals for more! (On the next project that is.)