New Artist Series from Book City Jackets

My friend Nishat that I’ve posted about before, is featured in Book City Jackets’ new Artists Edition No. 2 along with Cheeming Boey and Michael Hsiung. BCJ’s mission is to make every book beautiful by creating unique book covers printed on recycled kraft paper. Pretty nifty, right? It reminds me of when I used to do that in middle school…except mine was covered in horrible doodling rather than beautiful art. They’re available at Book City Jackets [dot] com.




I don’t think you know how badly I “need” this…

Terrain at Styers has just started selling their wares online.  I’m pretty fortunate to live close enough to the store to just drive down there and go shopping, and yet I never do…and therefore I look through their website and lust after some of their items.  One in particular is this vintage Texas Glider.

texas glider

It would look so perfect on my new back deck.  Once it’s finished of course.

Florals are the new black

I NEVER thought I’d say this (because I’ve always been more of a geometrics kind of person), but I’m really feeling the re-emergence of florals lately.  Everything from tiny Liberty prints to bold 1960’s flower power.  Everything these days seems to be coming up…roses.  (And peonies.  And daisies.  And dandelions.  And…)

LIberty print dress

Liberty print dress, $125.

fridge decal

Dandelion Decal, $19.

floral inspiration chair

8×10 fashion polaroid, $125.

wall decal

Bold Floral graphic wall decal, $29.

floral chairs

Bubble Gum floral chairs, $1500.

floral rugTufted Floral Rug, $398-998.

custom tea dress

custom made tea dress, $100.


Modern Romance Teapot, $34.

And no, it’s not just because I managed to find some new wicker porch furniture that happened to have floral seat cushions.  (The print on those is only marginal, at best.)  Anyways…new florals.  Who knew, it would take this long for me to come around?  Perhaps it’s because of the wedding.  Perhaps it’s due to all the yard work I’ve been doing.

Cockroach plate: Love it or leave it?


I just saw this cockroach plate on Etsy.  I’m strangely drawn to it, and repulsed at the same time.  What’s your verdict?  (This plate is made by Etsy seller Catherine Reece.)   You know…I think it would be best as a platter.  That way, once the food starts to disappear your guests would be shocked and a conversation would naturally erupt.  I’m just saying…

Modern Art Rugs: Fashion and Function

Is it rug week or something?  I’ve got them on the brain these days it seems.  Anyways, my last rug post was really focused on searching for major rug BARGAINS out there.   (Personally, I’m all about being thrifty, while also being fashionable. ) However, while digging for bargain rugs, I also happened to come across some designer ones that, although not in my price range, made me stop and take notice.  These rugs are all conversation starters.  What do you think?   Would you own a rug that stopped traffic and became an instant topic of conversation?  Or do you prefer something more traditional?


Doves & Stripes Rug by Luke Irwin.


Fishtail rug by Emma Gardner.


Adrift Rug by Amy Helfand.

flytip-committeeFlytip Rug by Committee.peacock-rugPeacock Light Rug by Matthew Williamson.  (I absolutely adore this rug.)

eva-zeisel-rugDimpled Spindle Rug by Eva Zeisel Rug.

I’m more of a traditionalist with rugs, but I could definitely own the peacock feather rug by Matthew Williamson, and I’d consider the one by Eva Zeisel.  What about you?  If you’ve got a crazy designer rug, post a link to a pic of it in the comments section!

Vera’s Back!

vera1Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to speak with some of the lovely people at The Vera Company about their newest projects licensing classic Vera prints to retailers to reproduce & reinterpret her designs for their products.  It was so refreshing to chat with them to learn more about who this iconic designer was (because previously I had NO idea!), and also just to meet people who were so passionate about her designs.  It definitely made me excited about her too!  Apparently she designed during the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s, and you can see that reflected in her designs.  At any rate, now some of her designs are being re-interpreted onto new items like these dessert plates so keep on the lookout at stores across the country for new Vera products.  (I seriously LOVE these!  N are you reading this?  My birthday is coming up soon!!  Haha.)

vera-plate1Here’s a link to stores across the country where you can find new Vera products.  But also for those vintage junkies amongst us, it turns out that with a few quick searches on Etsy and ebay you can pick up some fabulous classic Vera originals for not that much money!  I could definitely imagine the ones below framed, sewn into pillows, or even just worn as they are.  Her prints are so great mainly because they’re just so happy…and that happiness seems to be translated through the design.  I also like that many of them have a very watercolor feel to them.  Anyways…here are a few of the great vintage ones I found:


Classic Plaid Vera Scarf & Brooch Set $38 on Etsy


Classic Vera silk scarf $36 on Etsy


Geometric print Vera silk scarf for only $13 on Etsy.

Look for your own Vera originals on Ebay and on Etsy.

Ebay for rugs? Who would have thought?!

Some of you may already realize that you can find amazing rug deals on ebay, but I had no idea until just last week.  Rugs are one of those things that many of us need/want, but it never ceases to amaze me just how expensive they are.  Well, seeing as how I’ve been looking for a rug for my guest room and hadn’t found anything that I liked that was in my price range at the normal retail haunts (my price range being…as little as possible…on a rug as nice as possible), I decided to start looking outside the normal retail arena.  I started keeping my eyes peeled at antique & thrift stores, craigslist and discount places, however nothing was coming up that was both really nice and bargain priced.  So, as a last resort I decided to look on ebay… and I don’t know why it never ocurred to me before.  After figuring out the best way to weed out the crap, I was able to discover some really beautiful rugs there.  Just to prove that I’m not talking crazy, here’s a picture of the 8×10 wool Nepali rug that just arrived for the guest room.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it!  N and I were more than pleasantly surprised at how nice it is in person.  The wool is super soft, and oh did I mention that it came with FREE SHIPPING!  Anyways…I’m gushing.  I love it so much.

At any rate, if you’re looking for a great rug too…definitely give ebay a try.  Although here are a few helpful tips that I found useful.  1) Hit up some rug stores first to see what styles and/or countries you might be most interested in, for example I knew that I was most interested in rugs from Iran or Nepal because I liked the way they felt and I liked many of their patterns.  2) Start with a fairly generic search like “Wool Rug Iran” and then whittle down from there in the filters on the sidebar.  It will help cull down the mess that you don’t want.   3) Stick to your guns on price.  If you only want to spend $150 or less on an 8×10 Persian rug, don’t worry…there will be quite a few that come along!

I did a little more digging tonight to show some of my other ebay finds.  Here they are:

iranian-rugAs of the time of my posting, this 7×8 rug is only at $9.50 and has Free Shipping to boot!  Here’s the LINK.

geometric-rugThis wool 9×12 rug is more expensive at $275, but is still a great price for that size!   Here’s the LINK.


Okay, so it’s a 5×8 Pottery Barn rug…but I sometimes still kick myself that I never bought it when they were carrying it because I love the Moorish pattern so much.  Anyways, it’s HERE for $299 Buy-It-Now with Free Shipping.


This 4×7 is at $235 with Free Shipping, but they’ll take a lower offer!  Here’s the LINK.

Anyways…these are just a couple that caught my eye.  As you can see, I have a thing for geometric patterned rugs.  Good luck rug shopping!  P.S.  If you have great pics of your FABULOUS bargain rugs (and how you used them in your home), I’d love to see them!   Email me at houseobsession [at]