Color love

I’m currently feeling this grey/blue color for my master bedroom.  (Imagine this mixed with the other bedroom inspiration from before…)

Feldman Architecture modern bedroom
modern bedroom design by san francisco architect Feldman Architecture, Inc.

I’ve come to this conclusion after attempting two other paint colors that were dismal failures.  I let my fiancee pick the color that I painted two days ago, and it turned out to be a form of acidic yellow.  Wouldn’t you know that I have a very strong aversion to yellow on my walls?  I didn’t even know it until now.  Well, hopefully this nice, calm grey/blue will work better.  Right now my walls are four different colors.  I’ll have to take a picture and upload it to share.

Fireplace Mantle redecorating inspiration

This weekend we re-arranged the furniture & art in the living room.  It feels SO much better.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to do it because I’ve hated the way I’d initially laid out the room from the beginning.  (I was probably stuck doing other projects.)  Anyways…the one thing I haven’t had the energy to tackle is my weird fireplace facade and ugly mantle.  I’m still not going to tackle it at the moment since it involves demolition and I’m in the throes of doing that in the half-bathroom.  So I thought I’d just redecorate the mantle.  Here are my inspiration pics.

We’re probably going with the last idea because the mantle itself is kinda wonky and might not hold anything really heavy.  Plus we collect postcards from all of our travels.  It could be a good way to show them off.

(Lastly, I wish I could give photo credit for these, but I only know two of them.  The red sofa is from the Wallpaper Projects by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith.  The last photo is from an old issue of Domino.  I’ve had the others saved in my inspiration file for ages.)

Found Style Lust

First, let me be transparent in saying that this is a re-post from a great blog All Things Lovely.  This guest cottage from Robin Brown that she posted about is absolutely outrageous.  How can I be jealous, envious, sad, excited, in love and filled with lust all mixed up in one?  I don’t know…but these these photos elicit major emotion in me.  I want to be there.  I love the owner, and hate her all at the same time (because she’s not me).  Is that wrong?  *sigh*

Anyways…here’s the house porn.

pink fridge love

Do you think Nick will mind if I cheat on him with a pink refrigerator?

kitchen love

Hello Mr. Built-in, please meet my vintage bone china collection.  Oh…no…it’s MY pleasure!

dining love

Dinner party al fresco?  Okay…why not?

interior love

I mean…c’mon.  Vintage sofa?  I don’t love all this kind of fringe normally…but I could prop my feet up on this and eat nachos.  No problem.

gate love

Welcome to my garden!  (ssshhh!  This used to be my headboard!)

porch love

Too hot outside in the garden?  Then let’s hang on the porch and drink some lemonade.

Omg…true love just happened.  I hope that Nick isn’t too upset with me.  Thanks again to All Things Lovely for sharing these with us [originally].

365 Messages of Love

It’s wonderful being surrounded by creativity each day.   And I can truly say that one of my favorite creative / talented individuals is my friend Nishat Akhtar.  In the process of trying to work on my own wedding invitations, I love stopping by to see what Nishat is up to…and this little something just made me smile so much that I felt compelled to share it with the rest of you.

She created this daily love note box for her newlywed friends.  It was inspired by old slide & specimen containers.  The box contains 365 tiny envelopes, each containing a note about love, excitement, or adventure, one for every day for their first year of marriage!  How amazing is that?!  I absolutely love it.  How much would you love to have one of these for yourself?

See more about Nishat and her talent here.

A little Inspiration before the weekend: Faye Toogood

I’ve been meaning to post about stylist / creative director Faye Toogood for awhile now because I love her work so much.  It seems like often when I’ve seen one of those magical photo editorials (in the World of Interiors for instance) it was Faye who helped create it.   At any rate, these gorgeous images speak for themselves.

inside the greenhouse

photographer: Bill Batten


photographer: Gregoire Alexandre


photographer: Tom Mannion


photographer: Tom Mannion


photographer: Tobias Harvey

Head over to her website for more deliciousness!  This was only just a taste after all!