Loving Linus…

May 12, 2011 at 11:12 pm 7 comments

…and no, not the one with the blanket.  The one with two wheels.  Last weekend, I got a new bike, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It’s a Linus Dutchie 3.  After a trip to Denmark several years ago, I’ve been in love with this style commuter bike.  Wearing a skirt and sandals + biking = WINNING!

I also love that this is the view when I’m commuting to work each morning!

Life is good!!  For those of you that are actually looking for an actual review, I’ll give you one after the jump…While in Denmark, I actually did some research on buying and shipping a similar bike to the U.S.  I didn’t do it, but I did manage to ride several while there.  Over the last several years, I’ve kept my eye out looking for the right one for me…at the right price.

Here’s what I like about it:

  1. It’s really easy & fun to ride.
  2. Gear shift is easy and smooth.  Not loud, etc.
  3. It’s lighter-weight than comparable bikes, specifically the Batavus Omafiet, Princess Sovereign, Schwinn Jenny and Raleigh Venture.  That may not be a big deal for those of you that don’t have to occasionally carry a bike up the stairs, but I have learned my lesson.  I’m trying to keep it as lightweight as possible.  (Caveat, the actual dutch bikes like the Princess Sovereign and Omafiet are tanks that will live forever, and they’re the difference between a cadillac and a mazda miata.  The miata is fun and stylish.  The Cadillac is a classic and rides like a dream.  You’ll never feel a bump on a Omafiet, but you will on the Linus.)
  4. Did I mention fun and stylish?
  5. Affordable.  Although not as inexpensive as the Schwinn Jenny…but I’d choose the Linus over that one any day.  Way more fun to ride and lighter too.
  6. It comes with a rack and bell!

The cons:

  1. It’s a bit rattly at times when going over bumps.  Mainly the fenders(?) I think.  I assume that’s fairly common with a bike that has these though…so not a big deal.
  2. The seat that it comes with is pretty uncomfortable.  I’m definitely going to need to buy a different one.  Any suggestions on a super-comfy seat.  Let me know!
  3. Might possibly wish I had an extra gear or two…but not a big deal.  If I had more hills, then it probably would be.

That’s it!  Love it!  Buy one!

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  • 1. Elissa  |  May 13, 2011 at 7:23 am

    Cute bike! I dropped off my old bike at the shop last week for new tires and a gear adjustment. I get to pick it up today after work and I can’t wait! Too bad it’s supposed to rain for the next week. How many speeds does this bike have? Mine only has 3 which is tough in my somewhat hilly neighborhood, maybe next year I can splurge on a new one.

    • 2. houseobsession  |  May 13, 2011 at 7:37 am

      This is a 3-speed too. I think Linus makes a version with more speeds, but since NYC isn’t terribly hilly it’s not too bad.

  • 3. thedailydish  |  May 13, 2011 at 8:25 am

    You are your beautiful bike are perfectly matched! Stylish AND functional. I am so glad to see you settling into your new life so happily. NY suits you.

    PS: I am still using the same Peugeot 10-speed I’ve had since I was 13. And my folks just bought our daughters new bikes. My oldest said, “My bike is just like yours, except newer and better looking.” I said, “Yep, just like you & me.”

  • 4. ilana  |  May 16, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I came across your site and realized we live within blocks of each other! Anyway, I am thinking of the Linus dutchie or dover (mixte). Not sure just yet! Which bike shop did you go to? I saw they have them available at Ride Brooklyn. I’ve been in Brooklyn for a few years, but finally decided to make the move to commuting by bike. Excited!

    • 5. houseobsession  |  May 17, 2011 at 7:50 am

      Hi Ilana! I went to Ride Brooklyn to try both styles out. They have a good Linus selection and they’re close by. I didn’t end up buying there b/c they were out of stock on the color I wanted (as were most of the dealers in the city). I lucked out with Sid’s Bikes on 34th between 3rd and 4th though. They had the only black Dutchie left that I could find locally. If you happen to be looking for black, they all mentioned there was a shipment coming in soon. But apparently black is the most popular color and several mentioned you should reserve one in advance. Stylistically I like the mixte a little bit better than the Dutchie, but I like the upright riding style of the Dutchie way more…hence why I went with that one. Let me know how it works out!!

      • 6. ilana  |  May 22, 2011 at 6:22 pm

        So…I tried out the Linus Dutchie and others at Ride Brooklyn and then I started to see everyone with them – so maybe it’s a sign? I really liked the Dutchie black 3-speed. I also went to Rolling Orange and tried a Gazelle Basic. I loved the ride of the Gazelle like you said – real Dutch bikes have that weight that makes it glide! I agree that those tanks are more expensive, but they do come with a lot more too. How do you like the breaking on the Linus? Compared to the Gazelle it felt shabby, but I am still leaning towards the Linus for my first commuter bike. If I get the Linus, a brooks saddle, a new bell, and creme tires might be a must :)

  • 7. Gene  |  May 17, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    A lot of people like Brooks seats, but I bet if you went to a bike shop and explained what was uncomfortable about your current seat they’d hook you up proper. Some of the discomfort goes away as you used to riding again.


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