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Apartment Kitchen Update

The difference between living in your own house and living in an apartment is pretty big.   For example, what I would choose to upgrade my kitchen with vs. what the landlord chooses to use is vastly different.  Neither of us are fans of granite countertops…however, never one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, we’re grateful for our new dishwasher, granite counter, and single-head sprayer faucet.  I feel as if “The Jefferson’s Theme Song” has been running through my head all day. We almost didn’t even get the sprayer faucet, but I mentioned that since the new sink is shallower than the old one due to the under-sink dishwasher, it would be next to impossible to fill our coffee pot if we kept the old faucet.  He agreed.  (Whew!)  One lesson learned today…it never hurts to ask!

Our next plan is to paint the cabinets black.  It’s going to make a huge improvement on the overall aesthetics of this little 5′ x 5′ space.  (Mainly because the fridge and stove are white….so it needs a single color scheme to keep it in check.)  Also, I’ll be getting rid of all the brass cabinet pulls.  Little details will make a big improvement.   (P.S. Our counterspace is hilariously small.   Can you tell from this photo?  Yes, that’s IT!  But we have a solution for that too thanks to Ikea.  More details to come soon.)

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