My [newest] dream house

As mentioned in the past, I have a fascination with old craftsman style houses.  The other day I ran across a site called Antique that has scans of tons of old home catalogs from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s.  (Talk about a way to waste a couple of hours on a hot Saturday sitting indoors in the air conditioning trying not to melt away…but I digress.)  These old images and plans made me long for building my own dream home and modifying it just for lil ole us.  Not that that will be happening anytime in the near future, but it was fun to dream.  Anyways, out of all the ones I looked at…the one I thought was just about perfect (with some slilght interior wall re-configuration) was this simple craftsman style.

It’s a 1920’s craftsman called the “Avon” built by Bennett “Better-built” Homes.  It’s straightforward in it’s design, and probably not what you thought I’d say was my dream home, right?!  Look through the Antique Home website, and tell me if you have any dream home’s of your own!


4 thoughts on “My [newest] dream house

  1. That is almost my house. Except mine is a single floor house so the bath is between the two bedrooms and I have a little square hallway thing so the bedrooms and bath don’t open directly off the main rooms.

    The only problem I have with the layout is still the living room. It’s really very large but kind of narrow so I”m still trying to think up new furniture layout ideas.

    I love the porch. for a while I thought it was too cold and was disappointed that we couldn’t spend more time out there, but then I realized that when it’s 90+ outside and 80 inside, the porch is the perfect comfortable place to sit.

  2. First, it’s so nice to see you posting again! I love your style.

    That Antique Home website is dangerous! I know I’ll visit repeatedly until I’ve seen it all. I would take any one of those homes. I live in a new, vinyl-sided ranch that is nearly identical to the homes around it. This is ironic because I’m such an old house junkie! Not a whole lot of old where I currently live, Myrtle Beach. At least I’m making up for it on the inside with all of my thrifted finds.

  3. Love love love Craftsman homes. We lived in a weensie one in VA a few years back that was the same vintage- you could still see the numbers of the pieces on the timbers framing the basement ceiling. We’re looking at building a Craftsman-inspired house on the land we’re purchasing outside of Asheville. The downside to the classic ones is lots of little rooms and strange hallways, so what I’m leaning towards is a bungalow/cottage exterior with a more modern interior flow. I will def. be contacting you for design inspiration because I have none. I know that this will surprise you when you think back to how I styled myself back in the day!


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