Loving Bow ties!

They’ve been featured on every blog recently, but I couldn’t help but post about the new bow tie that I just bought my sweet hubby!  He’s going to look so handsome in it!

My friend Shauna and her dapper husband Stephen created this new line of bow ties called “Forage.”  Curiosity Shoppe in SF is currently selling them both in-store and online.  (I was at first very sad to know they were only being sold in SF when I live here in Philly…however I was very pleased to discover that they were on the Curiosity Shoppe website today.  However, note they are sold out in many colors / styles.  So get them while they’re hot!)

As a side note, no…I’m not forcing him to wear bow ties.  It turns out that he likes them himself.  It was me that actually took some convincing…at first.  (He’s a very fashion forward kinda guy.)  Here’s a pic of him wearing a bow tie at our friend’s wedding this summer.  I definitely approved (and encouraged) the pattern combo though. He likes new styles and I like mixing prints.  Haha!


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