Oooh, hello Wisteria sale section! I see you have some gems for me.

Wisteria sent me a lovely little email today telling me to check out their sale section.  And they have a few things that I would love to have, but certainly don’t need.  (Especially since we just committed to a visit to Wyoming to stay with friends.)  Therefore, I feel like I absolutely must share these with you.  Hopefully you’ll benefit from my inability to purchase these goodies for myself.

Lord knows that I’m a sucker for kitschy dishtowels.  You can buy these HERE.

I have some vintage French linen sacks already, but this is a good reminder to myself to remember to sew them into pillow covers, stat.  You can buy these HERE.

These military insignia pillows are adorable.  (Although personally, I would NEVER suggest styling with all four of them at once.  Remember that editing is key.  Mix one with the french linen pillows above, and this pillow from West Elm…and that would be a sofa makeover that I could live with!)

Happy sale shopping!


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