Bedding Outfits

Today I spent some time at work discussing the art and process of dressing the bed.  Personally, I’m a big fan of mixing and matching sheets, quilts, bedkirts, shams, etc.  My own bed [currently] is wearing a wide variety of pieces from various retailers.  None of which were part of the same set.  In my opinion, making the bed can be just as interesting a process as putting together an outfit for your body.  There is no rule that it must be part of a “set” or a matchy-matchy color combination.

That being said, I put together five bedding outfits for my day job that went up on online this week.  Each look utilizes the same basic bedding program…but mixed up in 5 different variations with varying sheet, rug & pillow combinations.  The goal was to create 5 distinct looks.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, especially because I’m a big fan of mixing and matching colors & patterns myself.  So I thought I’d re-post the images at House Obsession.  (You can see the bedding interactive live and purchase all the items here.)

How many of you like to mix it up when it comes to your bed linens?  Or do you prefer to have everything match exactly?  (Personally, I’m slightly obsessed with patterned sheets in particular.)


3 thoughts on “Bedding Outfits

  1. leah i love your genius because i am a matchy matchy white sheet person that maybe gets a little frisky with a new shabby chic duvet! but these make me want to be a little bolder (so loving the 4th + 5th image). Love love love. your abilty to do this is what makes you so awesome. people like me have to buy your vision 😉

    1. Ha! Well, that’s very lovely of you to say of course Miz Alex. I do miss your smiling face here in the sweltering Philly area by the way! I do hope CA is treating you well. I’m feeling very inclined to come and visit you very shortly if this weather keeps up!

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