Okay fine, so you like vampires…

I’ll admit it.  I have a thing for the True Blood series / Sookie Stackhouse novels.  (They’re a guilty pleasure and Alexander Skarsgard is cute.)   And in the same vein, I switched on my inner adolescent girl and read all of the Twilight novels.  (I’m seriously ashamed to admit this.)  Well tonight, my gal pals and I went out to suffer through Eclipse.  (You’d think that with the amount of money they’re making on those films, they could cough up some money for decent hair and makeup…at LEAST!)  At any rate, all of this hoopla over the Twilight “saga” got me to thinking about Etsy.  Specifically, I began to wonder if those crafty sellers there had begun to make Twilight-themed home decor.  Why did I even bother to ask?  Of COURSE they did…

Hip, modern bedroom?  Check.  Wall mural of a vampire / werewolf confrontation? Check.

I do like his hair in this image in spite of myself.  But sleeping on this pillow is not something I could ever do.

How very…threesome of you?

I hope the owner of this room would never actually put other people’s faces on their wall.  It’s altogether weird.

“Hey Grandma, can you hook me a heart rug that is ‘inspired’ by Edward and Bella’s love?”

Does anyone else think it’s weird to have the switch in the middle of his chest?  Oh, and the release date of the movie?  So strange…

I don’t think I’ll be able to look at houndstooth the same way again…

The title of this listing includes “Boudoir chic.”  ‘Nuff said.

This looks like a Manhattan loft.  With Twilight quote emblazoned in plastic over the chic, tufted headboard.  I’d say a study in highbrow meets lowbrow, no?

Wow.  A bedazzled Twilight fan.  Perfect for the heatwave going on in Philadelphia at the moment…I wonder if little bits of glitter would get blown into your face?

The chunky painted fingers on this glass are my favorite part.  The idea of drinking wine out of this glass is not my favorite part however…

Okay, so if any of you or someone you know are creating a room around the movie Twilight (or vampires/werewolves in general), then you absolutely MUST send me a picture.  I just must see this decorating style “in the wild.”


3 thoughts on “Okay fine, so you like vampires…

    1. Ditto! Between working full time and planning (and making things for) a wedding took up so much time that I didn’t have much time left over. My brain was MUSH for awhile. But I’m back and posting! I’m going to do a little blog facelift soon-ish as well.

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