Talk about a couple with contrasting style!

In looking through last week’s NY Times House & Garden section, the biggest thing that struck me about this story (besides how cute the cottage is in general), is the extreme difference in this couple’s actual house (decorated “man-style”) and the wife’s little Victorian cottage escape up the hill.  She accurately describes their marriage as a tale of two cities.  When you see these pics, you definitely understand what she means!  (In my head, I’m hearing Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” playing right now.)

The couple’s trailer that they live in together.

The wife’s little Victorian cottage escape on the other side of their yard.  It doesn’t have a kitchen or a bathroom.

The inside of their trailer.  Decorated in the husband’s “man-cave” style.

All white cottage style.

Thankfully, Nick and I have very smiliar style.  I don’t know that I’d be able to be as patient as this lovely little lady with the trailer living situation.  I find it to be very visually interesting in a photograph, but not something I could live in on a regular basis.  Read the entire article here.  It’s very interesting and worth the click!


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