Long weekend working in the garden

On our long holiday weekend, we spent a lot of time out in the garden doing weed control, grass resurrection, and shrub removal.  Plus there was nice downtime at the end for a PBR or two.  (I’ll be doing a separate post on the removal of our huge forsythia bush with instructions for anyone else who may have the same situation.)

(Bought this copper container last year from Target.  It’s from their Smith & Hawken collection.  I’ve been waiting all winter to use it!)

(We went to our local Lowes garden center and bought some beautiful plants for the copper pot, that will hopefully be able to survive this heatwave.  Included are a Dracena, trailing Vincus, Indian Summer Coleus, Torenia, and Dusty Miller.)

(And for the first time ever, we’ve been watering each day to try and save our beautiful plants and grass.  They’re struggling at the moment.  Thankfully we have a very small yard or I don’t know that I’d want to water.)

It has been a relaxing weekend so far.  (You can see Nigel chilling out through the open window on the back of our sofa.  It’s definitely been lazy dog days of summer for our two bark-monsters.)  Thankfully the weekend isn’t over yet though… we have today off as well.  Woohoo!  Who doesn’t love a three day weekend?!


2 thoughts on “Long weekend working in the garden

  1. gorgeous! oh, how i’d love to relax on your porch!
    yesterday i cleaned up my patio and am in need of replanting some of my pots – i think a trip to the garden center is in order 🙂

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