Porch Love, Summer of 2010

As it happens each summer, I’m obsessed with porch living.  Of course, it would be less difficult if I wasn’t living in [what appears to be] the world’s most humid climate in the Northeast U.S. at the moment.  (What gives North?!  I thought I moved here from the South to escape all that humidity and brutal weather?!)  Anyways…just as I was obsessed with sleeping porches last summer, that trend continues this summer as well.  Anyways, I did a story at the beginning of June for my day job about Porch Living, and this image was from that shoot.

I’m including it here b/c I thought it was nice enough to post, and people just don’t talk about living on the porch enough in my opinion.  (And also b/c I’m clearly still obsessed.)  Another item that’s perfect for summer relaxing & sleeping outside is a Mayan Hammock.  Nick and I saw a lot of these while we were in Mexico two weeks ago.  We even had the pleasure of sleeping on a couple one lazy afternoon.

So the moral of the story here is, sleeping outside is wonderful… as long as you’re not sweating profusely.  :-\


4 thoughts on “Porch Love, Summer of 2010

  1. I love the thought of huddling and cuddling on the porch, but the voice in the back of my head keeps insisting that outdoor weather would encourage mold and other icky growths on any linens kept out-of-doors. Is this an imaginary concern or entirely possible?

    1. Hi Lynn!! That’s a good point. It really depends on your situation in my experience, and it especially depends on the type of climate you live in. Southern California is so temperate and dry that they have much less issue with this type of thing…and also why you’ll see so many outdoor living rooms there. The garden is really an extension of the house in that part of the country.

      However, I live in the Philadelphia area and have a large covered porch. My wicker furniture has padded seat cushions and pillows, and it’s been fine to leave out during the summer months where the heat is going to immediately dry any type of dampness that might occur from a quick shower. Note though that it’s covered and not actually getting wet. During the fall and winter months, I have to pull all those cushions indoors b/c it’s raining much more and there isn’t the heat to dry them off.

      The same would go for bedding on a sleeping porch. The nice thing about that is, you can easily pull bedding & sheets off a bed and wash them. So as long as nothing is getting [and staying] damp, then it shouldn’t be a big concern.

    1. Last summer the weather was so temperate that it was almost possible. This year, maybe in the mornings…and that’s it.

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