This Old House named my neighborhood as one of the best in the nation! named Mt Airy, Philadelphia one of the best old house neighborhoods in the nation!  Sweeeeet!  Who doesn’t love the recognition, right?!?   Unfortunately, I don’t happen to live in the mansion shown in the picture on the left (nor does that represent every house in this neck of the woods), but there certainly are a ton of jaw-dropping houses around these parts! has this to say about my ‘hood.  “With a diverse and progressive vibe that makes some people refer to it as Berkeley East, Mount Airy might just be one of the most interesting neighborhoods in the country. While the abundance of trees makes the place seem like a virtual forest, the foliage hides hundreds of stately stone homes filled with details nailed down by master European craftsmen. Two light rail lines get you downtown in minutes, though biking is extremely popular here.”

I would argue that biking is not as popular in this part of the city as in other parts (say West or South Philly) mainly because we’re divided from the rest of the city by Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon Creek, but it is definitely a progressive community.  Lots of people are into mountain biking and hiking in these parts.   Fairmount Park and Valley Green are some of the reasons we decided to move here.

If anyone is looking to move to this part of the country and you’re looking for a great fixer-upper, it’s definitely got a lot of plus signs.  Ch-check it out!  And thanks to This Old House for giving us a shout out!


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