Hotel Rooms: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Mr. House Obsession and I have been looking for places to spend our honeymoon for the past month, and looking at endless possibilities when it comes to hotels.  Now, both of us travel a decent amount for work and and therefore have a lot of experience with hotels.  In fact, Mr. House Obsession’s parents owned a hotel for many years and he grew up living there.  So as you can imagine, we’re both pretty picky when it comes to the place we’re going to stay for what is supposed to be one of the most romantic events of our relationship.   (P.S. as it turns out, I’m actually WAY pickier about the aesthetics of the hotel room…but that’s beside the point.)

Even though I know that the hotel interior shouldn’t matter to me that much, it does this time way more than usual.  I didn’t want this room in Barbados.

I wanted this room in St Barth.

Rather than a big “fancy” hotel like this in the Dominican Republic…

We wanted a quiet lodge-like place similar to this hotel in Belize.

I don’t care that this place is in beautiful St. Croix if the room looks like the Golden Girls decorated it…

It’s clear that beach chic can be done well, as exemplified here by this lovely place on Tortola, BVI.

Oh, I’m sorry Antigua…you must have known I have a thing for hammocks!!

Unfortunately Antigua, I read the fine print and your hotel has no air conditioning here.  In June, that will be a big problem for me.   I just know it.  So I’ll keep looking…

At any rate, as you can tell…I’ve had a lot of fun digging through travel websites looking for places to go and vacation.  I could literally spend all day just thinking about visiting each and every one of these fabulous spots.  Even the ones with not-so-pretty hotel rooms, still have beautiful locales.  My new favorite websites for all this digging are and Check them out and begin ogling all the beautiful vacation spots for yourself.   Considering how much it’s snowing outside in Philadelphia at the moment, I definitely want to think about beautiful beaches…for sure!


8 thoughts on “Hotel Rooms: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Luxury Link is one of my favorite sites.

    And whatever you do, please don’t go to the Dominican Republic. We went to my best friend’s destination wedding at an all-inclusive there and I couldn’t wait to leave.

  2. Suggest you cease “digging” and start bidding and buying. I have been a long time luxury link participant and they haven’t failed me yet!

  3. Dave: Don’t worry…we did end up selecting a place and winning the auction. So far LL has been an excellent experience. I’m determined not to talk too much about the details of my actual wedding and honeymoon until after they’re over. I don’t know why…maybe superstition? 🙂

  4. Oh! oh! oh! I know you don’t know me but I read your blog and live in Philly, too. (And I just love your blog!)

    Anyways, I went to the most amazing place for my honeymoon! You might want to check it out:

    It’s a great house in Cas Cais, Portugal. The house is family owned and they have wonderful service and absolutely inspiring rooms and gardens. There is fantastic breakfast in the mornings, and they serve home-made Port wine in the evenings. The city is great. The house is walking distance to the beach, the city, and the trains to Lisbon. Lisbon is only 20 minutes away! There is so much to say about this place, but I think you get the picture – I LOVE IT!

    Maybe you will, too!

  5. Thanks Heather Jo! I’ll keep that one in my back pocket for a future trip. For our honeymoon, we ended up booking a package via Luxury Link to Esencia in Xpu-Ha, Mexico. Can’t wait to go!!

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