Iron Bed Love, Part 1

Okay…a little back story:  N’s family just gave us a set of king size mattresses.  Woohoo!  Big upgrade, right?!  We were certainly excited, and after years without an actual bed frame we decided this might be a good impetus to get us to focus our decorating attentions on the master bedroom.  (You’ve noticed I’ve never even hinted at it on this blog, right?  Well, there’s a reason for that.  Ha!)  So the hunt began for the perfect bed, and the thing is…I’m picky…

We looked at Restoration Hardware (too expensive), Pottery Barn (too bland), Ikea (too low-quality), “regular furniture store” (just plain yucky), Room and Board (not our style), and a host of other ones (all ruled out for various reasons).  The more we looked, the more we realized that I wasn’t going to be happy with anything that wasn’t a classically made iron bed.   This seemed to leave only two options:  1) Charles P. Rogers – still making beds the old fashioned way or 2) just buy an antique and have it converted to a king size.  Check back soon to see what we did!


One thought on “Iron Bed Love, Part 1

  1. Oh, those Charles P. Rogers beds are gorgeous…that Cottage bed would inspire the sweetest of dreams!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you chose. 🙂

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