Behind the scenes of the kitchen photo shoot!

So today was a lot of fun!  The stylists showed up at 9am on the dot, and the photographers were right behind.  I’d stayed up most of the two nights previous cleaning, tweaking, and editing [primarily the spices in] my kitchen so that it was putting it’s best foot forward.   For about a week, I’ve been nervous that once “outsiders” got inside our house they’d totally hate it.  Thankfully that was not the case, and we got down to business immediately!

Here’s the photographer working in the kitchen.  The Mac is all hooked up in the dining room.

Here’s a pic of the edits from my own kitchen that didn’t make the cut along with some props the stylist brought.

No explanation needed!  I had to keep out of the way while everyone did their magic.   In fact, everything and everyone was absolutely fabulous!  The only part of today that surprised me was when the photographers said, “Okay we’re ready for your photo.”


“What?!  No one said that I was getting my photo taken today too!”

Yikes!  I was kind of freaking out.  Thank god I’d managed to get up early to enough to manage makeup.  My hair was a wreck though, and I wasn’t wearing clothes that were what I’d want to represent myself in a national magazine…so I had to run upstairs and change quickly.  (No pressure or anything!)

Meanwhile, when I walked into my bedroom…what do you think I found?  Dog vomit on the rug.

But anyways…at the end of it all, we managed a photo that wasn’t completely embarrassing…and everything’s all done.  I can’t wait to see it when it comes out!


6 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of the kitchen photo shoot!

    1. I don’t know what month it will be published yet. I need to email them today and ask. And thanks for the kind words on the kitchen!

      And in regards to the dog vomit, now I have three giant stains on my rug. Guess I’m going to need to rent one of those carpet shampoo machines. 😦

  1. RIGHT ON!!!! That’s so cool! Can’t wait to see the shoot, and I will definitely buy the mag to check it out. 🙂

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