New candle love!!

Just got the most amazing new candle today!  It’s Royal Apothic brand, Edwardian Fireplace scent.  When I pulled it out of the package, I let my co-workers smell it and they [also] loved it so much that they asked me to light it right then.  So I took this picture of my new candle burning on my desk at work for everyone to enjoy!  Haha.   (The scent is hard to describe, but I’d say it’s very slightly masculine…but clean at the same time.  Nothing like an old chimney or ashes, like you would think with a name like “Edwardian Fireplace.”)  You can go purchase it HERE.

It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is also really cute.  Definitely a good gift.  Maybe I’ll get some family members this for Christmas…  Hmmm…


One thought on “New candle love!!

  1. So glad you love the candle…..Make sure to try it burning with our Venetian Grove scent. The two combined are beautiful…

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