In the throes of wedding planning

I’m in the midst of major wedding planning which includes but is not limited to lots of DIY projects, saving money wherever I can, and pretending that I’m trying to also get in shape for the big day (next June).  Anyways…my whole thoughts at the moment seemed to be consumed by caterers, photographers, and drooling over Once Wed.  Seeing as how I don’t have much to say regarding my house, I figured I’d at least show you the place where we are planning on getting married – my fiancee’s family’s farm outside Philadelphia.

Our wedding is at the family farm

near the barn

under the sycamore tree

…and beside the pond.

It’s going to be pretty.  I just hope it doesn’t rain.  Cross your fingers.  🙂


6 thoughts on “In the throes of wedding planning

  1. This looks like an absolutely beautiful location for a wedding! The photos are going to be stunning. When are you getting married? I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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