Trip to the junk store + dining room pics

Yesterday while being out enjoying Fall, we happened along a little junk store that had a treasure trove of goodness.   We got 8 paint-by-numbers, a new 50’s side chair and two mounted plush animal heads (not shown).   Since we hung the artwork up in the dining room, I thought it would be worth showing pics of the dining room since I’ve not posted anything on it before.  (Oh, and did I mention that we got everything for the low price of $55 total!  Man, I love shopping at thrift stores!)

The new art above the dining room buffet is the “Four Seasons” paint by number series.

The new art is horses, landscape, and collie.  Plus our new chair!!  Love it!  (It’s got a cotton-webbed seat that matches the walls!)  Also, this is the finished corner cabinet that we got at a salvage store and installed into the corner.  (See the original post and pictures about it HERE.)

Update: Apartment Therapy re-posted my dining room pics!  Several people asked what color I used on the walls.  It’s Williamsburg brand paint.  The darker green is CW505 and the lighter green is CW508.  Also, some other people asked about the dining room set.  It was manufactured by Bramin of Denmark in 1965 and designed by H.W. Klein (and yes…it was also purchased at a thrift store too).


21 thoughts on “Trip to the junk store + dining room pics

  1. Wow, everything looks great! I love your dining set. What color did you paint the top portion of the walls? It looks very similar to the color we used in our bedroom (Scotland Road by Behr). I seem to remember a while back you were thinking of hanging Orla’s Hydrangea paper in here…

      1. We got lost somewhere near Skippack, PA. I’d say around Rt 73 and Rt 113. It was a really sharp turn and an old house that had been converted into a junk store. No sign, but TONS of flowers out front and odds & ends for sale. The place was a mess inside, but tons of greatness. We always find our best stuff in Mont Co.

  2. Good to know. Maybe we’ll do a little exploring out there next time we head out to the inlaws in Berks County… This past weekend, we were out in Kutztown for an auction that included lots of my husband’s grandparents’ stuff. I had never been to one before — it was fun, but long. Didn’t get anything fabulous, but a few fun little things for next to nothing.

  3. I linked to your blog post today…I could not help myself. I’ve longingly adored pics of your home before, when first featured on another blog, and once again- I’m in complete adoration! Your dining buffet is FAN.TAS.TIC! Is that a thrift find or..? Thank you for posting dining room pics- love them!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Amazingly enough, that whole dining set WAS a thrift store find!!! It was one of the best things I’ve purchased. It wasn’t dime store priced, but it was much cheaper than if I’d bought it in a nice(r) store. It’s in great condition too…solid teak with rosewood insets. It proves that you can find nice things when shopping at thrift / salvage stores.

  4. I just linked to your blog via Apartment Therapy. Love your dining room and that paint! If you can dig up the specifics, I’d be ever so grateful.

    Looking forward to reading your blog regularly. Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! It looks that way b/c of my fiancee’s photography though…it nice having a professional photographer in the family. 🙂

    1. They don’t look different to me on the two sites. Strange!

      Yes, the dutch door is original to the house. At least original to when I got here. 🙂

  5. Love your dining room and new chair. I had an aunt that used to do paint by number and every Christmas everyone in the family got a new masterpiece. Your pictures brought back some nice memories. Thanks.

  6. Hi-
    My parents have had (and used daily) that dining room set for the last 37 years! Do you happen to have any links to more info about it? I did some googling of the designer and manufacturer but didn’t come up w/ much. Very cool to see!

    1. I don’t have much more than that. I had to do a lot of googling myself (and asking people I knew that worked in the industry) to find out the details on it. And that’s all I came up with. I love the story about your parents though!! Very cool that we have the same dining set!

  7. Love your finds! The best part is, no one would ever guess the artwork and chair were bargains from the thrift store, just by looking at the photos of your dining room.

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