Honey, I just ripped down the wall :-)

So while Nick is away on a job, I decided to tackle a bunch of home improvement projects.  One of my biggest problems is that I don’t finish one before i start another one.  But oh well…it had to be done.   The previous owner had covered the old plaster with some sort of weird 60’s homosote.  I couldn’t take it (obviously), so I began ripping it down tonight.  Here’s the progress.

I think Nick is going to be surprised when he gets home and see my handiwork.  Oops!


3 thoughts on “Honey, I just ripped down the wall :-)

  1. What part of your house is this? We have some sort of press board covering the walls in our back entry/pantry. I’m not sure why it’s there… Maybe for insulation? When we eventually get to redoing that room, for better or for worse, I’m tearin’ that stuff off!!!

    1. This is the back [brick] wall of the house in the laundry room. Yes, I think it was partially done for insulation purposes (and I’m secretly afraid that I’ve gone and pulled out some sort of weird asbestos stuff, but I’m not going to look into it too hard so that I don’t find out and worry more). At any rate, it was soft and wasn’t flat. There were very obvious seams that were raised and looked weird…so I felt it wouldn’t be worth trying to sand and paint b/c it would never look nice. Hopefully it will look better when I have it drywalled.

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