Backyard Update

So last year I posted about our backyard “situation.”

See what I mean?  It’s a hot mess.  This shot is from last summer (before we seeded the lawn) so at least there’s more grass now, but I didn’t even bother taking a new photo b/c it basically looks the exact same otherwise.   When we first bought the house there was a huge rotten wood deck that filled the entire backyard space.    We had a deck demolition party to tear it out, but after that our progress has sort of sputtered.  We couldn’t figure out what to do with it that maximized space while keeping to a budget we could afford.

However, a neighbor gave me this sage advice, “Sit down and doodle.  You’ll figure it out.”  And you know what?  We did!  Here’s our plan.

backyard drawing

We decided to dress up the old porch slab with a combination of wood and recycled brick.  The top and hand rails will be wood, and the sides and front will be cement block covered with recycled brick.  Then we’ll put little hedges into the new planters to give some privacy to the deck.  I’m so excited to begin that I can’t stand it.

Here are some inspiration images I found to help get us there.

backyard deck idea

small deck idea

wood deck and stone combo 1

We’re hoping to get started on it soon so that we can actually begin to enjoy the space rather than HATE going back there.  But of course, I still have to finish dealing with the mess I made in the powder room and laundry.  hah!   The joys of homeownership…


2 thoughts on “Backyard Update

  1. That looks GREAT! I remember the demo party. This drawing is darling, and it looks do-able. Did you decide you can get by without a retaining wall? Will the winter put a halt to any work efforts back there?

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