Long overdue photos of the Ohio State Fair 2009

Several weeks ago Nick and I went to Ohio to visit our friends in Columbus.  While we were there we stopped off at the Ohio State Fair for the afternoon.  And of course, I enjoyed myself immensely.  Here’s all the heartland goodness.

Sheep Judging

Sheep shearing

Roast Beef Sundae?!  On a hot summer day?  No thanks.

Fancy chickens?  I’ll take two please!!

Or maybe just one small one?  Do you think my neighbors would hate for me having chickens in the city?  It can’t be worse than having loud kids, right?

Anyone up for learning how to milk a cow?  Ehhhh….maybe not.

Nah, I think I’d rather have a meatball splash.  Sounds super refreshing, right?!  Just like a dip in the pool.

And of course, the perfect photo op by my wonderful guy (who took all the photos obviously).


6 thoughts on “Long overdue photos of the Ohio State Fair 2009

  1. I used to love country fairs when I lived in Ontario – nothing like that here…
    (I confess to finding that roast beef sundae very tempting!)
    Lovely photo of YOU, too!

  2. We often read your blog and were very excited to see your entry about the Ohio State Fair, as we are from Ohio. We were even more excited to see our family (mom, dad and sister) sitting right in the middle of your first picture at the sheep show!

    1. That’s so awesome (and hilarious)! I love that we were there on the same day and the same exact time. The sheep building was our favorite part!! It’s very visual…and I loved the women spinning yarn…

      Glad you read my blog Casey!

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