Found Style Lust

First, let me be transparent in saying that this is a re-post from a great blog All Things Lovely.  This guest cottage from Robin Brown that she posted about is absolutely outrageous.  How can I be jealous, envious, sad, excited, in love and filled with lust all mixed up in one?  I don’t know…but these these photos elicit major emotion in me.  I want to be there.  I love the owner, and hate her all at the same time (because she’s not me).  Is that wrong?  *sigh*

Anyways…here’s the house porn.

pink fridge love

Do you think Nick will mind if I cheat on him with a pink refrigerator?

kitchen love

Hello Mr. Built-in, please meet my vintage bone china collection.  Oh…no…it’s MY pleasure!

dining love

Dinner party al fresco?  Okay…why not?

interior love

I mean…c’mon.  Vintage sofa?  I don’t love all this kind of fringe normally…but I could prop my feet up on this and eat nachos.  No problem.

gate love

Welcome to my garden!  (ssshhh!  This used to be my headboard!)

porch love

Too hot outside in the garden?  Then let’s hang on the porch and drink some lemonade.

Omg…true love just happened.  I hope that Nick isn’t too upset with me.  Thanks again to All Things Lovely for sharing these with us [originally].


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