Max Wanger, why don’t you live in Philly so that you can photograph my wedding?

max wanger love2

You see Max, I adore your work!  There are so many of your pictures in my “inspiration file” just for photography styling alone that it pains me that you live so far away.  However, flying you in from Los Angeles is probably out of the question…so I thought I’d pen this lament in hopes that at least everyone on the west coast could see your brilliant work and hopefully fill your dance card with lots more work.

max wanger love

But just in case you happen to be in the Philadelphia area next June and would like to take a little visit to a farm and photograph a lovely couple, then okay fine.  Far be it from me to tell you no.  I mean…it only makes sense that it be you since I would just be comparing everyone else’s photos to yours and they’d never measure up.  *sigh*

cute wedding photo 1

Okay…well in case anyone else out there isn’t as unfortunate as me to live so far away from the talented Max Wanger, then stop over and peruse his lovely images.  Of course, you could also drop him a note telling him to move to Philadelphia as well.  I mean…I wouldn’t mind.


7 thoughts on “Max Wanger, why don’t you live in Philly so that you can photograph my wedding?

  1. Earlier this year I was at a wedding in NYC. In my opinion it was perfect in every way. I have to give the photographers credit because they captured all of its beauty and then some! Coincidentally the photographers are from Philly. I really hesitate to hand out recommendations but I will go ahead and break my own rule. If you have a minute and are still in the market for a photographer check out

    The photos I love are from Jen & Hoopers April 4th wedding. From their home page click “Blog” and then click “April 2009” under archives column on the right hand side.

    Love your blog! -Mj.

  2. Thanks MJ! Glad you like my blog. (I constantly feel guilty for not posting more often.)

    And thanks too for the link to Love Me Do photography. I’m definitely trying to explore my [local] options. It’s too bad I can’t get my own photographer (fiance) to shoot the wedding. I mean…I love his work more than anyone’s…but he’s going to be otherwise occupied that day. 😀

    1. how about Joy Moody? She’s an awesome photographer, and located in philly. She did my wedding and is AMAZING!

      nice blog btw 🙂

  3. Thanks Katie.

    I’ve actually bookmarked Joy’s site as one of the ones in the area that I like her style. She’s definitely got a good eye. I’ll bet your wedding pics turned out amazing!

  4. Wow, those are lovely photographs. You may want to check out Sara and Steve Langdon. I watched them in action at a wedding for my midwife friend Christy, and the results were so great that II ultimately hired them to do some family photos for us, and I loved their work. I can also honestly say they are really lovely, honest people who work very hard. They are in Philly, so you’d be supporting a local business! Here is their blog:

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