Invitation Inspiration

I can’t even HANDLE the BEAUTY!!  I mean…making all your invitations out of vintage hankies?!  OMG…If I had more energy (and money) to start digging for vintage hankies, then I probably would.  As it stands now, I’m probably going to have to let this idea go by the wayside, but it literally KILLS me to do it!!

invite inspiration2

via bird & banner (oh, B&B how I love thee.)

invite inspiration

via Green Wedding Shoes

Besides, if I used this as a Save the Date idea, how in the world would I top it for an invitation?   Everything else after that would surely seem like a letdown.  I just wish there was a way (that I knew of) to get the feeling of using a vintage hankie without having to collect 100 hankies.  Hmm…  if any of you have any thoughts on that, let me know!  (Or if you have any great invitation ideas for DIY.)


6 thoughts on “Invitation Inspiration

  1. This is too fabulous! You could probably scan some and have high quality prints made…or incorporate an element from one that you particularly like on your invites.

  2. What a gorgeous take on being resourceful. LOL at trying to top a hankie save the date with an even more clever invitation 😉

  3. Hey! You can try and fake it. You can make an invitation with a vintage border (or have one made) and then have it printed at – which makes custom printed fabrics. Figure out how much fabric you’d need to buy to get all the invitations or save the dates you need then you just have to cut them out (and maybe hem a bit).

  4. Search for vintage floral clip art or old embroidery designs and incorporate them into the invitation art. Find a hankie with a pattern you love and get a high-resolution scan of it and use the art. You could convert it to black and white and then do duotones in different colors. Use a lace hanky as inspiration for line art on the invite. I was also perusing Decor8 today and she had a post about Utterly Engaged, an online wedding mag, which had some lovely “doily” invitations.

    Good luck!

  5. Ow, what a romantic idea!

    I agree with the others on making your own. You can try dyeing the linen with a teabag and washing it several times to soften the look.

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