Cockroach plate: Love it or leave it?


I just saw this cockroach plate on Etsy.  I’m strangely drawn to it, and repulsed at the same time.  What’s your verdict?  (This plate is made by Etsy seller Catherine Reece.)   You know…I think it would be best as a platter.  That way, once the food starts to disappear your guests would be shocked and a conversation would naturally erupt.  I’m just saying…


20 thoughts on “Cockroach plate: Love it or leave it?

  1. I’m thinking it would be great for a Halloween party, it is pretty clever. A little repulsive too though, but it would be good for a laugh!

  2. The little cockroaches are adorable on the plate but at the same time it totally freaks me out. Some people, myself included, just get jumpy at the thought of icky creepy crawly things.

  3. It’s actually quite good! I quite like the irony, it’d definitely be a good conversation starter… the cockroaches are well designed enough not to look disgusting as well!

  4. Clever idea, but I see too many of the real thing (hugeass nasty waterbugs) in my Queens apartment to have one of these; I’d have to look twice with every bite…

  5. I love it. I love all her designs. I used to use a lot of cockroaches and other insects in my work…often pairing them with cameos or flowers. People still bought the work. I think they understood the irony. I say, bring on more bugs!

  6. Hi again, I went to your Catherine’s Etsy shop and loved the lightness and simple lines of her pieces. They speak of harmony to me. It’s lovely, and I like her jump into the “darkness” with the cockroach design! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love it! Perfect for Halloween or any time you want to prank someone. The cockroaches are very artfully placed on the plate and very well executed. Also nice that they’re an artistic interpretation of the little buggers and not too realistic looking.

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