International Chapter of the Junior Society

I’m so loving this blog!  A co-worker of mine just turned me onto it yesterday, and I’ve been sitting here this morning digging through their archives.   Everything is SO adorable!  Yes, it is geared towards kids (or people with kids), but I think anyone can appreciate their aesthetic and the things they post about.   It was hard to pick just a few things to show, but here are the two that were just too fun to not re-post!


How much fun do you think it would be to create a BRAIN jello mold for your kids?!  OMG, I want to make one for the people at the office!  Ha!  Well, if you head over to their site, you’ll see their other ideas for creating a Mad Scientist party for your kids!!

Another post I really liked involved making a mini-terrarium!  (It actually reminds me of a post that I did last year about making terrariums in cookie jars.)  I love their version because how cute is the little chair & lamp in there?!  I also like how they etched a window on the outside.  That’s really completing the total vision, I’d say!


So anyways…add the International Chapter of the Junior Society to your list of reads.  Reading through it makes you wish you were a kid again.  It certainly did for me!


3 thoughts on “International Chapter of the Junior Society

  1. Aw, that little terrarium is adorable. I love the chair and lamp, that really makes it something special. Makes me want to make one of my own, full of dinosaurs!

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