Modern Art Rugs: Fashion and Function

Is it rug week or something?  I’ve got them on the brain these days it seems.  Anyways, my last rug post was really focused on searching for major rug BARGAINS out there.   (Personally, I’m all about being thrifty, while also being fashionable. ) However, while digging for bargain rugs, I also happened to come across some designer ones that, although not in my price range, made me stop and take notice.  These rugs are all conversation starters.  What do you think?   Would you own a rug that stopped traffic and became an instant topic of conversation?  Or do you prefer something more traditional?


Doves & Stripes Rug by Luke Irwin.


Fishtail rug by Emma Gardner.


Adrift Rug by Amy Helfand.

flytip-committeeFlytip Rug by Committee.peacock-rugPeacock Light Rug by Matthew Williamson.  (I absolutely adore this rug.)

eva-zeisel-rugDimpled Spindle Rug by Eva Zeisel Rug.

I’m more of a traditionalist with rugs, but I could definitely own the peacock feather rug by Matthew Williamson, and I’d consider the one by Eva Zeisel.  What about you?  If you’ve got a crazy designer rug, post a link to a pic of it in the comments section!


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