Vera’s Back!

vera1Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to speak with some of the lovely people at The Vera Company about their newest projects licensing classic Vera prints to retailers to reproduce & reinterpret her designs for their products.  It was so refreshing to chat with them to learn more about who this iconic designer was (because previously I had NO idea!), and also just to meet people who were so passionate about her designs.  It definitely made me excited about her too!  Apparently she designed during the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s, and you can see that reflected in her designs.  At any rate, now some of her designs are being re-interpreted onto new items like these dessert plates so keep on the lookout at stores across the country for new Vera products.  (I seriously LOVE these!  N are you reading this?  My birthday is coming up soon!!  Haha.)

vera-plate1Here’s a link to stores across the country where you can find new Vera products.  But also for those vintage junkies amongst us, it turns out that with a few quick searches on Etsy and ebay you can pick up some fabulous classic Vera originals for not that much money!  I could definitely imagine the ones below framed, sewn into pillows, or even just worn as they are.  Her prints are so great mainly because they’re just so happy…and that happiness seems to be translated through the design.  I also like that many of them have a very watercolor feel to them.  Anyways…here are a few of the great vintage ones I found:


Classic Plaid Vera Scarf & Brooch Set $38 on Etsy


Classic Vera silk scarf $36 on Etsy


Geometric print Vera silk scarf for only $13 on Etsy.

Look for your own Vera originals on Ebay and on Etsy.


3 thoughts on “Vera’s Back!

  1. Congratulations, Leah! 🙂 I’m fairly new to the world of blogging, and I wanted to share with you that yours is the FIRST blog that anyone has clickied on from mine. I was looking at my stats and was confused at first since I didn’t recognize the blog address, but then I figured out that someone must’ve been intrigued from where it lists “possibly related posts”. I thought you might think that was kinda cool! 🙂

    Well done blog, by the way. I’ve never seen anyone use this theme b/f. I like it. I browsed around beyond this post too. Cute dog!

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