The $100 house

While watching 20/20 on Friday night, we saw a piece about a small town east of Detroit that’s in the center of the housing crisis.  Houses here are totally abandoned and going for cheap.  It’s exciting to me though that there are some pioneers that are willing to move in and rehabilitate it.  And they’re able to buy a piece of property for only $100 – $500 bucks.  Here’s a LINK to the original story on the ABC News site.

It also takes me back to my Abandoned Houses post about the Detroit area housing situation.  I’m glad to see that there are some people trying to change this.


2 thoughts on “The $100 house

  1. I saw that too, and was excited to see that type of thing featured. I always want to rescue abandoned houses and hope someday to be able to do something like that. Abandoned houses and abandoned puppies are my weaknesses.

  2. When I first saw that story about all the abandoned homes in Detroit, I thought there must be an idea for a reality show in there. I thought the production would buy up all these houses and then there would be a contest to fix them up. But I couldn’t come up with anything more detailed than that. It would be like a neighborhood-wide Extreme Makeover. It’s a tough pitch without knowing the area (and without knowing if there’s anyone around to occupy the homes).

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