New Matte Stephens Pillows

I’m loving the new Matte Stephens pillows at Urban.  I ran across these the other day while looking for something completely different on their site.   This particular one of a little tweeting bird is definitely my favorite because it’s just so whimsical.  I also like that they’re including a feather-fill insert with the pillow cover.   That’s definitely a bonus since poly-fill inserts seem to be the standard these days.   (And in my opinion are way inferior in comfort & aesthetics.)

What’s the consensus out there?  Do you prefer poly-fill or feather inserts in your throw pillows?  Am I the only one who heads straight out to replace any poly ones that come with a pillow?  Would you rather save money by just buying the pillow cover with no insert?

(Oh, and for anyone looking for cheap feather inserts…head over to Ikea.  They have them at bargain prices!)


6 thoughts on “New Matte Stephens Pillows

  1. It’s nice to see when Urban actually works with an artist, rather than just rips off their idea. Anyway, I love Matte’s stuff. My fave of the three pillows at Urban, is the bird on a log. But, if they came out with a Giant Suburban Bear pillow I’d jump on that. I’m still waiting for him to make a Giant Suburban Bear visits Philly painting. 😉

  2. I like feather fill, better too. There’s just something so satisfying about snuggling up with a squishy feather pillow. That birdie is super cute. I’ve had his print of the skyline saved on my Etsy favorites for a while, now I must decide whether to get the print or the pillow!

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