Political signs, still?!

On a [much] lighter note, I wanted to take a second to pose a frivolous question about political yard signs.  (I felt this was necessary since I came across as Debbie Downer in my last post.)  At what point does leaving up your Obama sign [post-election] become the political equivalent of having the Christmas decorations up during the Fourth of July fireworks?

I took this picture on my block several weeks ago meaning to pose this question then.  However, it’s weeks later and this person (along with several others) STILL have their political signs up.  The election is over, and I’m just as thrilled as the majority of people….but why continue to leave up the sign?  Do you know of anyone doing this in your neighborhood?  Are you doing it yourself?  If so, why?  Does anyone but me find this to be odd?  🙂


4 thoughts on “Political signs, still?!

  1. Directly across the street from us, are two houses that still have signs up. One has a “Teamsters for Obama” sign in the front window, the other has an “Obama for President” (with his picture on it) sign in the front yard. I can only make these conjectures as to why the signs are still there:

    1. people are lazy
    2. people are forgetful
    3. people want to make sure no one forgets who the president is, and that they voted for him.

    Or could it be a combination of all three (Shrug)?

  2. i am SO with you! i laugh at the obama signs that are still up & on people’s cars. Vicki – you’re so right on your all 3 reasons. Plus love him or hate him, it is uber-trendy to be a fan of Obama, and those that love him want everyone to know! 🙂 Just stumbled upon your blog – I’m such a fan!

  3. Thanks Tracy! I’m glad you stumbled and found me. Meanwhile, don’t get me wrong…I’m an Obama supporter, but c’mon people…the election is over. These are all the same people that have already taken down their Christmas lights even!

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