Update: Orla Kiely at Target

So I’m extremely happy to say that I ventured out early this morning to my local Target store “just to see” if they happen to have any of the Orla Kiely stuff in stock.  Even though the date they’re technically supposed to be set up is Feb 15th, it turned out to be my lucky day!  They had a small selection of table linens, kitchen mats, coasters, aprons, dishtowels…and the organizational items.    (See picture at left.)   Unfortunately, what they did NOT have was all of the cute tabletop items.  (Boooo!)  But hopefully those items will be coming in soon.

Meanwhile, the biggest thing to note is that even though they had these items in stock…they didn’t have much left.  I spoke to the sales associate working in the area, and she chuckled as she referred to the Orla Kiely items as “a limited supply.”   So keep that in mind if you’re thinking about waiting.  (I got the last two coaster sets at the store.)

Lastly, here are the two pics of my score!  Yay!!  This definitely made my day!!

Here are two of the coasters I got.  Only $3.99 for two.  (It’s funny that my last post was about coasters!  Before I even had a chance to purchase the felt ones, I found these.  And I couldn’t resist.)

I’ve been looking for a tablecloth for ages…and this one at only $19.99 fits perfectly!


3 thoughts on “Update: Orla Kiely at Target

  1. I have to say, that sideboard is pretty amazing. And and it’s a set with the table and chairs?!
    Also, did you ever put the Orla Hydrangea wallpaper up?

  2. Hi Vicki,
    No I never ended up using the Orla wallpaper in the dining room. I have a plan for it which is causing my dining room to technically remain un-finished…and hence why I’ve not done a final Before & After on it.

    I’m glad you like the sideboard & dining set. Yes, it’s matching…and I completely adore it. It’s the set I blogged about back in the Fall. I got the entire thing at a thrift store!! I’m hoping to have more pics of my house soon. The BF needs to get back from his latest gig and I’ll push him to help out. 😉

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