Guest Room (in progress update)

Reminder.  Here’s how it used to look.

Here’s the new wall color.  Note that the trim hasn’t been painted yet.  (Although it’s not going to be terribly far from what it is now.)  Also the ceiling has been re-done in this room.   Woohoo!!  Now it’s not super gross looking.

I recognize that it appears basically like off-white in these pics.  And I’ll be honest…it kind of is.  Originally I wanted to do it a wild color, but then I changed my mind.  Oh well.  What can I say?  I can’t wait to finish this room.  Once this is done, I’m planning on doing a photo update on several rooms of the house including the dining room, living room, bathroom, and guest room.   The winter doldrums have had me in their clutches, and I’ve got very few projects done on the house.  But it’s a new year, and I’m trying to motivate again.  Because come spring, I have a whole NEW batch of things to do on the house.


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