Domino Magazine is closing?!!?

How come no one but the Huffington Post is talking about this?  I haven’t seen any of the big blogs say anything yet?  (Hello Apartment Therapy are you there?!)  Meanwhile people are talking about it NONSTOP around my office.  I’ve already received several emails of distress.

I hate to be melodramatic here people…but is the world ending?!  I mean, when you’re taking away one of the only decent American home magazines left, then where are we?

Are bread lines next?  Ok…I’m trying to calm down.

Update:  Apartment Therapy just confirmed the awful truth.


5 thoughts on “Domino Magazine is closing?!!?

  1. Yes, I knew there were rumors, but someone who works there had informed me several months ago that they were just that…rumors. So, I felt a sense of calm that at least one of my favorite magazines would still be here. But now that Cottage Living and Domino both have closed down…well, I’m just downright peeved and upset…and slightly depressed.

    And yes, the website is going to shut down as well. 😦

  2. I’ve already seen breadlines, BTW. It was really quite shocking. A line that wound around the block in Chinatown, me and some coworkers were leaving a park finishing lunch and asked them what they were lining up for… One old man pantomimed “food”. Ugh. Made me want to share what I had just eaten without thinking.

  3. Man, sounds like an awesome business opportunity for someone who’s intimately aware of the industry and has an excellent sense of home decor…

    I wonder who could do that?

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