For the wine lovers out there…

N’s mom made us a little night light (?) for the kitchen out of a wine bottle from one of her favorite Cabernets.  It’s not something that I would consider to be “normally” my style, but I quite like it actually.   Maybe I’m just having a real thing for twinkling lights these days.  Hmmm….not sure.

Anyways…if you’d like to make one of your own here’s what you do:

1. Save the bottle of that delcious wine you had with dinner last night.

2. Clean it out.

3. Stuff a tiny strand of Christmas lights into it.

4. Decorate it however you’d like to.  She used faux grapes & twine

5. Plug it in.

Et Voila!  You have a twinkly little wine bottle for your kitchen.  It’s a conversation starter.


2 thoughts on “For the wine lovers out there…

  1. She could make bank because people were selling those at the Halloween festival at Marietta square this fall. They caught my eye.

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