Local Philly[ish] thrift/vintage store roundup, Part 1

As much as I want to hold on to all of my secret thrifting resources, I suppose I shouldn’t be stingy.  Especially considering so many people have been emailing me to ask about my sources recently.  Well, here are a few of my favorite local(ish) places to get awesome vintage finds:

  1. ReStore, 3016 E. Thompson St.  They have lots of great old hardware, bath fixtures, lighting, architectural salvage and miscellaneous other things as they come in.  That’s where I got my dining room cabinet.
  2. It’s New to You, 59th & Lancaster Ave.  I’ve purchased so many countless items here that I feel like I keep them in business myself.  (Including my dining room set.  Ssssh!)  Note: They are currently in the middle of moving to this new location, so give them a few weeks to get situated.  I went by there today and they were only 1/3 of the way moved in, and it looked like they were pretty picked over due to trying to liquidate for the move.
  3. Bargain Thrift, 5245 Germantown Ave.  Great for clothes, accessories…and there’s a place right next door (name unknown?) that has furniture.  Definitely worth checking out.   Just this week I fell in love with two drool-worthy upholstered chairs for only $125 for the pair.  Of course, there’s lots of junk too so beware.  🙂
  4. Orphelin Vintage, 720 S 5th St.  Vintage, antiques, & local art.  And it’s easy to walk to if you live in the city!
  5. Emlen Antiques, 7107 Emlen St.  It’s right down the street from the new Tiffin location in Mt Airy.  On a weekend, you’ll always see old furniture sitting out front.  His store is small…there’s no sign… but his selection is good… as well as his prices.
  6. Vintage Modern, 906 2nd St, Philadelphia.  It’s not a thrift store.  Okay okay…It’s a retail shop, but they sell mostly 60’s & 70’s furniture and the prices aren’t outrageous, so I felt obliged to include them here… because their selection is always great.  I’ve never gone in there without finding at least one piece that I had to seriously consider pulling out the checkbook for.
  7. Barn Attic, 324 Harleysville Pike, Harleysville PA.  It’s a thrift store…in a Barn!  This place is jam packed with furniture, clothes, accessories, jewelry, and knick-knacks galore.  But beware the owner has very specific rules you must follow while there.  It can be worth it though if you’re in the area!
  8. Care & Share Shoppes, 783 Route 113, Souderton, PA‎.   There are three separate parts to Care & Share.  Clothes, Home Accessories, Furniture.  In my opinion their home accessories section is the best though.  Of course, like any thrift store, it can be hit or miss.  Oh, and they don’t bargain on the price.
  9. Impact Thrift, 3 locations in suburban Philly.  I’m most familiar with their store in East Norriton.  They have a little of everything.
  10. Cedars Flea Market, Cedars PA.  It’s the 3rd Saturday of [almost] every month.  I love it.  I never go without buying at least 4 things.  Not good for furniture though…mainly focused on smalls & decorative.
  11. Adamstown, Pa.  There’s a ton of places.  Too many to name.  Just hit google maps and go.  Seriously.  I can’t believe you haven’t been there yet!  GO!
  12. Circle Thrift, 2007 Frankford Ave, Fishtown.  Great selection of clothes downstairs.  They also have a wide variety of home goods upstairs.  I’ve found quite a bit of good serving pieces there in the past.
  13. Provenance Architectural Salvage, 1610 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia.  Amazing place.  Great prices.  Great for old doors, chandeliers, some furniture, antique hardware, and landscaping material.

Alright…save this list before I feel compelled to delete it out of selfishness.  🙂

NOTE: I updated the list to include Circle Thrift in Fishtown.  How could I forget them?  But also, since as Mark points out…many places on here aren’t technically thrift stores I’d call the list vintage/thrift.  In my experience it’s hard to find GOOD used furniture at cheap and/or reasonable prices…and this is what this list is trying to put out there.   Haha.  Thanks for calling me out though Mark!


3 thoughts on “Local Philly[ish] thrift/vintage store roundup, Part 1

  1. Alright alright mark. I updated the name of the list slightly. 🙂

    This list is an effort to put out there great places to find used furniture & home stuff. Not so much the clothes. I know a lot of other thrift stores, but not a lot that have consistently good home items. However, I’d definitely love to hear some of your suggestions too. I’m sure you have a ton. No one knows this city better!!

  2. Do you happen to know where New to You moved in Frazer?
    The new name is Resellers or something like that–thanks for any info.

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