Domino Magazine to stop publication?!

Apartment Therapy just posted about an article featured in the New York Observer talking about the dire straits that many home decorating magazines are finding themselves in these days.   Obviously it was a shock to many that magazines like House & Garden and Blueprint shut down, however it was just announced the other day that O at Home is going to close as well.  Now apparently rumor has it that Domino could be next.

WHAT?!  I said…WHAT?!  That’s one of my favorite magazines!  I’d feel lost without it.  Of course, lately I’ve been thinking a fair amount about the future of magazines.  They’re one of the things that many home bloggers love to look at and talk about, but are we helping to contribute to their demise?  Sites like Design*Sponge, Decor8 and Apartment Therapy deliver fresh content 5-7 days a week.  Are we overloading ourselves with too much decorating?

At any rate, I love both magazines and decorating blogs.  I mean, I have to look at them both for a living, and of course…have my own little home blog in this giant blogosphere.  Anyways…The NY Observer actually refers to Architectural DIgest as the Vogue of shelter magazines….which I completely disagree with.  I honestly wouldn’t mind that magazine disappearing forever.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  But with all these magazines potentially going under what is your favorite magazine that you couldn’t do without?    Let me hear from you: 

Note:  I left out the overseas publications like Living, Etc. and World of Interiors.  I love them too, but I’m thinking specifically about the American ones since they seem to be the ones that are closing their doors.