Hot or Not? Monogram Wreath

Okay, so maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I’m not crazy about a holiday wreath that’s not round.  I very aware that people love buying anything with their initial on it…in fact I used to have a shower curtain with a big embroidered “L” on it, but I just can’t get on board with a monogrammed christmas wreath.  No can do.  Nosiree!

So what about you?  Do you consider yourself more of a holiday traditionalist with your decorating?  Or do you like to switch it up each year?  Personally, I love ornaments and decorations that remind me of my youth and that are passed down in my family, but I know people that have themed Christmas trees (and of course you see this type of thing in the stores every year as well).

(Can you guys tell that I’m becoming slightly obsessed with holiday decorations already?  Believe me, there is more to come on this topic….whether you chime in or not.  haha.)


6 thoughts on “Hot or Not? Monogram Wreath

  1. I cannot tell a lie. I love it.

    When I saw it in Ballard Designs, I was immediately drawn to it.

    I would love it in a bedroom for a little Christmas cheer. I don’t think I would put it on a door.

  2. Ugh! No way. Holiday wreaths are one of those classics that you just shouldn’t mess with…not to mention the unnaturalness of a wreath in the shape of an initial! Tacky.

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