No Money Makeovers

Yesterday while trying to get through the growing stack of design magazines on my desk, this article from the Oct issue of Real Simple caught my eye.  The topic is very timely for those of us in an economic crunch — No-Money Home Makeover Ideas!  I love it!!  After all, most of us are trying to be as thrifty as possible with our tightly-stretched dough right now.

One of the ideas that they brought up was displaying an old quilt on the back of the bed.  This idea hit home for me because not only do I have several of my great-grandmother’s quilts, but I also have an old iron bed [for my guest room] that is very similar to the one in this photo!  I’d kind of struggled on what I should do with the quilts to keep them aired out, but without letting them get damaged…seeing as how the dogs like to sleep at the foot of that bed.  Now I have a solution!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Most of the other ideas in the article really aren’t miraculous by any stretch of the imagination, but it got me to thinking about real things that people could do to makeover a room with very little to no money spent.  So, with that being said, here’s my own list:

  1. Rearrange the furniture!  Something as simple as re-positioning the sofa & chairs in your living room can give you the feeling that you’ve spent a lot of money on a re-design.  Just recently I moved my bed to a different wall in the bedroom and raised up the mattresses so that they were higher, and it made the bedroom feel completely different.
  2. Pull out your collections from the junk drawer and display them!  I’ll bet you probably own a bunch of random stuff that is sitting all around the house collecting dust.  Try pulling it all together on a table or shelf and make it an impactful statement.  Things look so much better when shown in a grouping.  It makes people notice the collection and it will become an instant conversation starter.
  3. Clean the house!  I realize this sounds kind of dumb, but seriously…it really makes you feel like you’ve done something great when the furniture has been polished, the floors are vacuumed, the coffee table isn’t piled high with newspapers.  Nothing stresses me out more than feeling like the junk is taking over my space!
  4. Change the hardware on your kitchen cabinets.  Okay…it might not be free, but it doesn’t cost a lot, and it makes a BIG impact.  Plus, you can probably go to salvage places like ReStore and get vintage hardware for way cheaper than new versions.
  5. Pull out your old stuff.  I’m sure that you’re like me and you have bed linens shoved in a drawer someplace.  Or perhaps you have a great rug in the attic that you’ve not used in several years.  Maybe you have wall decor in the basement that you still love, but didn’t have room for.  There’s no reason why you can’t pull out that stuff and give your other posessions a rest for a moment.
  6. Head to the discount fabric store.  If you live in Philly, try Jomar fabrics in Snyder Plaza.  They have some great fabrics for $1/yd.  Why not sew some new curtains yourself?   Or make a duvet cover?  Trust me, they’re NOT hard to make.  If I can do it, anyone can.

That’s my own makeover ideas for people on a budget!  Do you have any that you would like to share?  We’re all trying to budget these days….so speak up!!


2 thoughts on “No Money Makeovers

  1. That IS a good post Sunny! It’s one of those visual merchandising tricks that I used to use when setting up store displays back in my early retail days. Those tricks can be used in your house too when you’re showcasing a collection!

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