Walking through the neighborhood on a Fall evening

This is the third night this week that I’ve taken the dogs out for a walk in the neighborhood.  Each time I spent about an hour wandering and enjoying the autumn weather.  It’s quickly becoming a routine, that both I and the dogs enjoy quite a bit.  One of my particular favorite things about it is that it’s startling to realize that I can hear crickets.  In spite of having a few flaws, I truly love this city.


Two things I really liked today at Terrain at Styers

This could be some type of Asian-temple doghouse?  Perhaps an overly ornate place to store a cat litter box?  I’m not sure really, but I wish I had enough money & space in the backyard for it.  It’s one of those wonky things that would be sure to start a conversation.  I’m sure the dogs would be terrified of it though.  Meanwhile, if you’re interested it’s on sale.

This is a wall of clamps in a work room.  I just thought it was compelling to see all these orange clamps on the wall.  I don’t know why….maybe I’m nuts.

(Also, sorry about the sorry poor quality photos.  I was using my blackberry at the time.)