Antiques are Green

This is why I love thrift store shopping.  Two weeks ago, I got a dining set just like this as well as a matching credenza at my favorite second hand furniture store.  Stats: Manufactured by Bramin of Denmark in 1965.  Designed by H.W. Klein.  Made of solid teak with rosewood insets.  More pics of my actual pieces within my dining room to follow at a later date.

Meanwhile, I posted this because while out flea marketing this weekend I stopped at a woman’s booth, and she’d handwritten a sign that read “Antiques are Green.”  It made me laugh b/c she’s right.  Anyways…if you’re looking for furniture or accessories don’t overlook the yard sale, estate auction, craigslist, flea market and thrift store.  You might just find something fabulous at a bargain price.  I know i couldn’t be happier with my gorgeous dining set!!


4 thoughts on “Antiques are Green

  1. Leah,
    Love your website. Just moved to Philadelphia myself. Please, tell me where to find such great finds. Thanks!

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