The Previous House

Today someone requested pictures of my old house in a comment.   When I read the comment, it occurred to me that some of you didn’t know me via my previous and now defunct [personal] blog that had all the pics of my last house, so I thought…what the heck, why not?!  Even though I’m not giving up any snaps of the new place, there’s no reason I can’t show you the old one.

More photos after the jump

Keep in mind that this is no longer my house.   The wonderful people who purchased it from me have made some mods, and it looks fabulous.  I got the opportunity to check it out at their housewarming, and I love the new color of the living room in particular.  Good job guys!


4 thoughts on “The Previous House

  1. Thanks for posting these pictures…they’re even better than I hoped they would be when I asked you to post them. How old was that house?

  2. Thanks Kyle! I’m glad you like them. It’s a late 1880’s Philly row house.

    And Mark, I’m definitely glad you and Audrey love the house! 🙂

  3. These pictures are great, btw. It’s nice to see images of a home with unpainted woodwork that’s not decorated strictly “period”. We have unpainted woodwork our living, dining room, and stairwell. It’s not often that I see truly inspirational images that are actually applicable to our home. Do you mind if I ask what neighboorhood this house is in?

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