For the love of Martha…

Okay, so as I mentioned the other day…I spent awhile wandering around the Macys housewares department enjoying Martha’s new line of gadgets & cookware.  It’s the first time I’d seen them in person, and it was all I could do not to buy a ton of cookware that I had no use for.  (I mean…I’m not the cook in the house anyways.  I just decorate things.)

At any rate, I kind of think Martha Stewart may be a product genius.  I honestly think the biggest reason I love her line of housewares is because of the COLOR!  I love that she understands the power of picking the right color.  She directly appeals to that sense of nostalgia of perfect postcard America – robin’s egg blue vintage stoves, cars that look like they were designed to go fast, a tiffany’s gift box.  That woman is a marketing maven.

Meanwhile, I’m jealous of all the bloggers that got to go to a taping the other dayMartha, if you’re reading this…don’t forget about ME next time.  Philly isn’t that far away for a little day trip.


2 thoughts on “For the love of Martha…

  1. oooooh, pretty…Yep, that was definitely one of the things I tried to find a justification for, but couldn’t…Plus, my kitchen is more Martha green (with orange accents), than Tiffany Blue.

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